Lisa Rein's Movies and Pictures From the November 23, 2002 Party for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco

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"It's important that Democrats are in the majority so that we can fight for working families in America. That is the issue that binds us as Democrats."-- Nancy Pelosi, 11/23/02.

On Saturday, November 23, 2002 I went to a party in San Francisco thrown by Representative Nancy Pelosi to celebrate her new role as leader of the Democratic Party. (A friend of mine received an invitation and thought I might be interesting in tagging along.)

I sure had a great time "tagging along" alright! I was able to speak to "Leader" Pelosi briefly during the party, video her speech and the two introductions beforehand, and even shoot video of some of the the "real" news crews interviewing Pelosi backstage.

CA Senator John Burton and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
Quicktime Movie of Pelosi's Speech - Part 1

During the party beforehand, I spoke to Nancy very briefly about my concerns about John Poindexter and his Total Information Awareness project. I expressed concern that a man like John Poindexter would even still be working within our government and she just nodded her head in agreement. "Yes," she said. "Isn't it horrible?"

I asked her if she was going to fight to protect our privacy. "Of course," she said. "Those are civil rights issues and I am always fighting to protect civil rights straight across the board."

I asked her if it actually matters for us to send letters to our Representatives about this issue, and issues in general, and she said it matters very much. "It's the only way to keep the pressure on these issues and keep up the debate. Send those letters and keep sending them, please," she said.

More Videos and Text of Pelosi's Speech

IntroductionVideos and Text of Pelosi's Speech
Video: Q and A w/Pelosi "Backstage" Introductions from Sen. Burton and Friends

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