Lisa Rein's Videos, Photos and MP3s from the INS Detainee Protest in San Francisco, December 23, 2002

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Footage from the December 23, 2002 Protest in San Francisco   

On Sunday night, December 22, 2002, I was explaining the the situation to a good friend of mine, and expressing to her that I really wanted help do something about it, but I hadn't yet heard of any coordinated efforts or calls to action.

She told me about a friend of hers who had mentioned some sort of protest coming up, and that she could put me in touch with them. No sooner had I said "that would be great, please do that" when the phone rang and it was the very same friend we had been discussing (calling about something completely unrelated, of course).

As the phone was tossed over to me I could her friend explaining that there was a protest the next morning (December 23, 2002) in front of the INS Building in San Francisco. I gave her my email address so she could send me the information about the protest.

The next morning, I was the first person to arrive at the protest at 11 am.

I asked the security guard (police woman?) out in front of the INS Building if she knew anything about a protest, and she said "No," looking a little worried (but not much). My friend and trusty protest comrade Kevin Burton hadn't arrived yet, so I just sort of stood around and waited to one side of the building for people to arrive.

These "" files contain information given by Farhan Memon about the abhorrent conditions of the facilities and the insolent manner in which the INS detainees are being treated. I didn't want to edit any of the content, since it all seems relevant, but I didn't want to create a huge .mov file that no one would be able to download either, so I've broken up the speech into 4 parts.

The "Speech 3" segment is where the police interrupt temporarily (before letting Mr. Memon continue during the rest of part three and on to part 4.)

The "copstalk" segments are first of several others talking to the cops, and then of myself talking personally to the cops in order to figure out what had to happen in order for them to not start arresting people. (The requirements were actually fairly simple and quite reasonable -- namely that the line of people waiting to enter the INS building be allowed to pass by and that pedestrian traffic walking past the building be allowed to pass by.)

Farhan Memon at the Dec 23 protest

Speech 1 (Hi-res 91 MB)
Speech 1 (Med-res 65 MB)
Speech 1 (Low-res 37 MB)
Audio - Speech 1 (MP3 - 6 MB)

Speech 2 (Hi-res 89 MB)
Speech 2 (Med-res 46 MB)
Speech 2 (Low-res 34 MB)
Audio - Speech2 (MP3 - 6 MB)

Speech 3 (Hi-res 29 MB)
Speech 3 (Lo-res 22 MB)
Audio - Speech 3 (MP3 - 10 MB)

Speech 4 (Hi-res 38 MB)
Speech 4 (Lo-res 28 MB)
Audio - Speech 4 (MP3 - 6 MB)

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Talking to the Cops

Helping us to safely exercise our First Amendment Rights.
Conversation w/cop - (Low-res 31 MB)
Conversation w/cop (42 MB)
Conversation w/cop - (Hi-res 31 MB)
Audio (MP3 - 6 MB)