Lisa Rein's Movies and Pictures From the November 18, 2002 Anti-war/Anti-Feinstein Protest in San Francisco

Updated 11/20/02

Monday morning, I hopped on the BART train and went downtown to cover a protest I'd heard about on the morning news. It was sort of an experiment because I didn't know anything about the nature of the protest I was going to until I got there -- except that it was causing traffic to be slowed down on Market St.

I must admit, the newscast's constant lack of reference to the nature of the protest (except to say that it seemed to be an escalating situation, and to stay clear of the area) is what initially intrigued me.

I got off at the Montgomery St. station and headed upstairs around 8:30 am. Perfect timing! The crowd was just beginning their march south down Market street. They were all on the sidewalk this time, not in the street like the big march on October 26th.

Quicktime Movie

Turns out it was an Anti-war in Iraq protest -- and more specifically, a protest against Diane Feinstein for accepting money from McKesson Corporation who stands to profit from the war.

There were only maybe about 200 people, but they had a whole parade thing going with music and floats and the like. When the crowd reached the McKesson building, I learned that there had been a sit-in of about 20 people inside the building since early in the morning.

I videotaped the parade and marched with the crowd for a bit, filmed a few police skirmishes, and returned home to start compressing the footage so I could post it here asap.

Footage from the Protest

Peaceful Peace Officer walks leads the way for march.
(This is the same clip linked to from above photo.)
Quicktime Movie
This movie follows marchers as they make their way to the McKesson building.
Quicktime Movie

Footage of the (very) mild skirmish between police officers and the protesters. The conflict was minimal: The protesters were told that if they touched the door of the building they would be taken to jail -- so they moved away from the door in question and around to the Market St. side of the building.
Quicktime Movie

Main Gathering and march -- The group formed at 555 Market Street and then moved south on Market to the McKesson Building. There, a guy with a megaphone explained the details of the protest to a crowd of onlookers.
Quicktime Movie

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