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December 19th Concert Info

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Updated October 12, 2009

Songs A-Z

(LIVE w/my sister and Ron Taylor 2007)

Dirty Back Road (Live w/my sister 2007)

Fuel Funeral

Hiding (Rough Demo)

In The Spirit (LIVE 2003 - OLD!!)

It's Alright

James and Marybeth

Last Digression (LIVE 2007)

FaceTwit (Live w/my sister 2007)

Dead Sunshine (LIVE 2007)

Machines of Loving Grace (LIVE 2007)

Monsturd Theme Song



Retardead Theme Song

Shake All Over

Should I Let You In

Slipping Away v. 2.0 (Studio)

Slipping Away (Garage Video Version 2003)

Slipping Away (LIVE 2007)

Something Better (Rough Demo)

Spunky Funk



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